Knife Storage and Care – or how to pick a knife block

So you finally got the knife of your dreams!  Yeah 🙂  Now lets talk about the safe storage and display of that lovely blade. 

Heirloom Carver

I learned about Larch Wood several years ago while salmon fishing the beautiful Margaree River on Cape Breton, and stopped by their factory and showroom. I love to cook and bought a small cutting board, which I adore, when I visited the factory.

We are now featured on ‘The Grommet’

Here at Larch Wood we are always reaching out to find consumers who understand the ‘why’ of what we do.  ‘The Grommet’ features products that are also about the ‘how’

Premium "end-grain" cutting boards

Handmade heirloom quality

Durable self-healing end grain construction

Art for Life


Handmade from Eastern Canadian Larch

I purchased my first Larch Wood cutting board 10 years ago and it has always held an important place in my kitchen so it was a natural choice to use the same boards when we began hosting cooking classes.

We have 11 boards with my 10 year old board rounding out the dozen. You can see no difference between the old and the new, in fact in my opinion my board has only gotten better with age and looks even better.

Another huge advantage is the durability of the board, having inexperienced cooks with less than stellar knife skills would be a challenge with other boards but the Larch Wood boards show no cuts and look the same at the end of the day as they did at the start.

I also do a lot of food styling and the Larchwood boards are absolutely perfect for showcasing cheese, steaks, and a variety of other foods. No matter how great the cook, everything gets taken up a notch with a Larch Wood board!
~The Kilted Chef Alain Bosse

Smooth impact resistant cutting action

Kind to knives

For food preparation & presentation

Our Best Sellers


Classic Large Cutting Board

Our large Larch Wood cutting board has been a favourite in the kitchens of both professional and aspiring chefs, whose labour of love delights and nourishes. With ample space, this beautiful and durable board will soon become a staple in your kitchen.

LarchWoodCanada_Handmade_Cutting_Boards-Round Cheese Board

Round Cheese Board

A superb thick board for serving or preparing food in smaller spaces. The robust and classic profile of our cheese board makes it a favourite for display and service. 


Medium Carver's Board

Larch Wood's beautiful medium carving board has a generous moat to collect juices and liquids during food preparation. This versatile board will become a staple in your kitchen for daily use, but is also suitable for serving that beautiful roast. If you need more space, our larger classic Carver's Board might be right for you.

How to Make Butcher Block End Grain Cutting Boards | Où se trouve: Larch Wood

"Chef's quality end grain butcher blocks are the highest quality cutting boards that exist. This video takes you through the entire manufacturing process, starting from the logs out in the yard, to the finished oiled product. At the end, watch the self healing nature of the end grain cutting boards in action and learn about how to take care and maintain one of these boards. For a typical home kitchen, end grain boards should last a lifetime and more!"